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Organized by Nguyen Truong To Cultural Center five years ago, the Summer University of the Vietnamese Diaspora, has successfully accomplished its first seven-week instruction sequence 1996-2003. This program aimed at assisting Vietnamese students and young graduates to acquire essential knowledge of their own culture and to foster an open-minded attitude toward their host countries’ cultures.  The success is encouraging but limited to a number of students living in Europe.  A more comprehensive and more diversified curriculum, therefore, is needed to meet the special conditions of the Vietnamese communities that scatter around the world.
The University of Humanities of the Vietnamese Diaspora (UHVD) has the mission to ensure the continuity of university studies of Vietnamese culture without political ideology constraints, and to foster the interchange of knowledge with the purpose of facilitating the integration process of young Vietnamese into their host countries.
Objective 1:  To initiate and support research and programs to strengthen scientific studies in humanities with regard to Southeast Asia, especially to Vietnamese people and Vietnamese culture.
Objective 2: To organize learning programs at university level through Internet and regular correspondence for Vietnamese students all around the world (Vietnamese thoughts, religions, civilization, language, literature, history, geography, fine arts, human development, and community services).
Objective 3:  To organize seminars for Vietnamese and foreign scholars on specific topics about Vietnam and Asia.
Objective 4:  To publish the research outcomes and to collect documents related to Vietnamese culture.


The UHVD is a non-profit international association. It will be founded and run in conformity with the relevant laws and regulations of the country where the head office will be installed. In any legal frameworks, the UHVD will have:
-          A Board of Trustees elected by the founding members
-          An General Executive Office nominated by the Board of  Trustees
-         Several specialized committees installed by the General Executive Office.
The UHVD will rely on tuition and fees as its main financial resource, and will develop new resources through partnerships.
Step 1 - Forming the Campaign Committee (From August 2000 to October 2003).
Step 2 - Advertising the project, exchanging proposals, and welcoming founding membership (From November 2003 to January 2004).
Step 3 - The Founding Assembly will be held in Summer 2004.

Reichstett, August 18, 2003.

Nguyen Dang Truc